I, Yaswanth Krishnan R, am a Mechanical Engineer from Sree Chithra Thirunal College- Kerala. After my graduation like every others I had hid my passion and started working as a Process Associate for an IT firm.Days went by when I started thinking of my dream which was hidden inside, to run a business successfully and not to lead a sedentary lifestyle which was already overwhelming.

My crave for a business idea was fulfilled when I got this job. I got into FOCUS Management from where I got an opportunity to meet lot of young professionals who were really goal oriented and focused in life. In the early
stages I worked with little understanding and greater dream, all that made me stay was the enthusiasm that I saw in the people everyday.

Initially interacting with a lot of new people built in me a high confidence which later helped me out to build myself.

My knowledge expanded from a computer screen into the deeper aspects of running a company. And yes, this did not happen over a period while struggles and sacrifices were an essential part of it. Also the dissolving fear of Covid – 19 challenged me to prove myself with the best mentor ship and under guidance my Leaders has now brought me to the footsteps of my dream.

Success is never an overnight process, it’s always over the nights. Im very thankful to everyone who helped me cross all hassles and help me become a Business Owner.