Join our teams to have new professional opportunities! We offer you an evolution in a company where your skills and know-how will really be highlighted.

Know how to achieve your goals, coach other TRAINEES OR ASSOCIATES , live unforgettable experiences and trips around the world... With us, you will learn personal and professional development techniques, in a friendly and dynamic setting.

Each person is unique, each route is new and interesting. In our company, our employees are all important, the goal of your new career path is to get up in the morning and be happy to come to work every day.

Start developing all your skills today with personalised support in our company!

Our values are centred around sharing, contribution, exchange and a spirit focussed on growth. Your personal and professional fulfilment requires a mastery of how you communicate with others. Managing stress, learning to control emotions, knowing how to express oneself in public are some of the knowledge acquired by our employees during the support sessions. The skills and experience acquired during these sessions will boost your skills!

Business Development

If you are looking for more out of your career, our Business Development Programme may be perfect for you!

We operate a no seniority progression programme here where you start at the very beginning, learning the basics of sales and gradually building up your skillset which will allow you to go on and run your very own Marketing Company.

Of course not everyone is suited to this business which is why we are looking to work with motivated individuals who are hungry to learn.

  1. stage 1 & 2

    brand ambassador

    • This is where everyone starts, you will learn basic sales skills, great customer service and plenty of product knowledge
  2. stage 3


    • You will start to learn the skills to coach other Brand Ambassadors. Planning and organisation is key
  3. stage 4

    crew leadership

    • You will begin getting involved in the organisation of the office, learning top tips about public speaking and creating success in many others
  4. stage 5

    assistant ownership

    • You will be actively involved with the back end running of the business, learning the administration and finance systems in preparation to open your company
  5. stage 6

    managing director

    • You will incorporate your own company, mentor and develop Brand Ambassadors and pass on the opportunity all over again!