Myself Syamdas , basically a Malayalee from Thrissur , a mechanical engineering graduate from Tamilnadu College of Engineering, one of the top- notch institution in india. Always had a goal of standing on my own legs without depending on anyone else.

So immediately after my graduation, I joined in a designing company with the hopes of being the best in my field. But, quickly I realised that I was always going to be under someone else. So, I started searching for something really innovative and challenging when I stumbled upon one of the finest opportunities a person can ever get.

I got into FOCUS Management from where I got an opportunity to meet lot of young professionals who were really goal oriented and focused in life. So I joined with the best mentor, Mr. Ahammed Althaf, Managing Director
ALZA INC. who actually transformed me into becoming a better person. From there I started improving my communication & intellectual skills and I learnt to become an independent person.

Later on, When I accomplished my dreams, I am proud to say that right now I am a partner to my mentor.

So I would like to thank all my mentors, who guided me throughout my entire journey. And I;m going to channelize all the knowledge that I recieved to make my new venture INSPERON INC. a successful one……………..