Ahammed Althaf Potachola

Myself Ahamed Altaf Potachola from Kerala. Completed my B.E Mechatronics in Anna University Coimbatore. After that was working for an IT firm as a SEO analyst.

Days went on and i just realized that Im just repeating the same work again and again like a robot and i know that i dont deserve this lifestyle, just trading time for money which actually means working for someone else’s success. I just wanted to be independent and luckily I got into this business.

I just joined there i had no idea what these people in this business were doing really, but what saw was they all were enthusiastic and that made me stay here.

The best part in this business is the interaction which we need to have with humans and it was crazy I, i liked it! started this with a good smile, i worked hard for myself I developed my communication skills, knowledge, my personality i updated me to gem level. They thought me how to handle top most clients in the world, great mentor ship, and leadership skills which made me feel awesome. It was not easy because success is will never come with ease. I got everything that i wanted and my dream came true and it is ALZA INC , I started my journey as an owner from 2019 September, the journey was with 8 employees, lot of challenges, within four months the pandemic started, we were in a turning point where a complete direct marketing company have to survive all these lockdown days !! Without giving up we restarted the business back with great attitude and will power, I really thank all my core leaders who believed me and stayed back with me , those 5 guyz came upto 80 guyz within one year , 2 ownership promotion and 3 crewleader promotions, more than 40 trainers, we were able to stay back as number 1 in the country!
I’m very much thankful for everyone helped me and supported me during all these journey ! If you have great attitude and dedication towards your goal , you will 100% achieve it !

Don’t run behind success!! Develop yourself let the success get attracted to you!!