Myself Roshni a native from Coonoor and a graduate in Commerce from GRD College of Science always wanted to be the sole reason for my entire growth. When searching for an opportunity like that I ended up getting one of the best
offers that changed my entire career from a Company called Focus Management From there I met my mentor Ahammed who actually was one of the major source of inspiration in my career. Since then I was able to notice an array of
changes in myself. I transformed myself from being a reserved person to gradually becoming much more social and approachable. And when the attributes of leadership, competition patience all came to me, I started leading
my life in a way I always wanted it to be. At the same when I met people of my same age achieving so much in life I wanted to be the same and thats where my career got a strong base in my life.

Once I got all these factors in the concept of business I was able to reach all the levels of growth with great ease. Being a partner to people with great minds like them helped me to scale various heights of success. Im incredibly thankful to all my mentors and when implementing everything they guided me through I'm sure that I would be able to lead a great successful venture.