I remember the day I started in our organization as a typical malayali studied everything in malayalam medium. Being an engineer with an experience of 3-4 years the first and foremost barrier I had was Language barrier when I joined Focus Organization. With proper training and guidance from trainers and equal effort from my side helped me to grow eventually to the position of Assistant Manager. What I feel is if you want to excel in any level you need to LEARN, CHANGE and EVOLVE. That’s the only thing I am good in or I learnt from people by observing, listening and speaking to them. I made changes in my mentality and ethics in all the situations which helped me growing. By time the evolution started happening from a normal BA to the level of AM. Still I do same to grow more. This business is all about copying and pasting. And the supporting system I had around were incredible from Trainer Sounder, Organization head Surendran, other owners, other trainers and my team. Whenever I was in a challenging situation there were people around me to inspire & motivate to find out the solution. This opportunity is full of excitement didn’t made me feel bored at any point like other companies I worked. Other companies I couldn’t find out my potential and I couldn’t see any growth. At this this
level I could feel my potential and Growth opportunities ahead me