Tamil Vendan

The Journey of Astra Started in 2011 and now when I see how the company has grown from very humble beginnings from chennai to today where we span the globe. I must confess that in the early days my vision for the company was not as grand as it is today and we have already long surpassed all of my early wildest expectations. I always wanted to run my own business and be rewarded directly for my efforts and having the opportunity to do that has been amazingly satisfying. Not surprisingly what has given me even greater pleasure has been watching people within the organisation obtain their own success, it never fails to put a smile on my face to either hear a story of or watch someone achieving a major goal in their business career, having helped in small way is a massive reward.

I allow myself a little smile when I think back to people who told me that I was crazy and that my business idea would not work, it is sometimes very easy to be dissuaded by others when you try something new and different, something that will test you, stretch you and challenge you and people tell you that you will fail. Success doesn’t always come at the first attempt and it can be tempting to listen to your detractors and doubters and simply give up when things get tough, instead I took the attitude that I would find a way to succeed where others could not see a solution.